How do I arrange for a quotation?

The best way to arrange a quote is for one of our staff to see your item, and assess the time required to complete the job. Our workshop is located at: Unit 1, 8 Carole Road, Maddington WA 6109.

Where it is impractical to bring the item in, we can arrange pick-up and delivery via courier. Alternatively, photos may be sent by email.

Plating and repair is labour-intensive (material cost is low in comparison) and quoting on an unseen item is difficult. For this reason, estimates given over the phone are usually quoted within a price range.

Sterling Electro Plating provides all quotations in writing on our standard forms. The docket number is used as a reference to identify the job.

All items are photographed on receipt.

How long does it take to plate an item?

Most jobs are completed within six (6) weeks. In many cases the items are held for a time after plating to check for ‘bleeding’. This applies to kettles etc. where the rolled seams hold moisture. This process must be completed before final polishing and lacquering.

Will my item be stored securely?

All items are stored at our Maddington premises. Our workshop is protected out-of-hours by a monitored surveillance system.

Items of very high worth may be stored away from the premises. In these instances, security arrangements are first discussed with the customer.

Will my item lose value if it is re-plated?

The general rule is if the item has less than 40% of its original plating, its value has been reduced.

Plating (and repair work if required) brings the item to its original condition and therefore the value is enhanced.

Are there any metal surfaces that cannot be plated?

Some metals are impossible or difficult to plate. We always inform clients if this is the case when items are presented for inspection.

Solid (sterling) silver should never plated. In many cases, polishing and lacquering may be all that is required to return the item to its original condition.

Is plating worth it?

In many cases, the items we receive are low in value; however, their sentimental value is high.

If an item can be plated (and repaired if necessary) this question can only be answered by you, the customer.