Silver plating is an electrolytic process. One can make use of its properties either for functional purposes including increased electronic performance or for certain decorative purposes. Silver is applied on to the preliminary coatings of nickel and copper though there might be certain variations.

The silverware used in households on antique items are sometimes known as EPNS or Electro-Plated Nickel, Silver. Any EPNS item that stays in good condition would be quite difficult to differentiate from any solid or sterling silver item because the surface always seems to be actual silver.

Professionals who offer quality silver plating service of different items, including the antique ones helps individuals to get the right kind of look, feel and performance of silver metal without spending much. There is a white hue in silver plating and for achieving a bright finish, it gets applied over a layer of gorgeous nickel plating. Frequent polishing is needed to maintain the silver’s brightness. In its purest form, surface silver can achieve purity of close to 99.99% which can help manufacturers to maximise the quality of signal transmission.