23.5-Carat Hard Gold

Hard gold plating refers to a gold electrodeposit which gets alloyed with another element to alter the gold’s grain structure for achieving a harder deposit with a much more refined grain structure. This plating is primarily designed for jewellery having high tolerance wear factor.

It comes up with the offering of the bright rich colour of 24-Carat Gold with certain additives which make the jewellery extremely hard to wear. This is commonly used for costume jewellery or to mimic much more expensive jewellery pieces and it becomes difficult to differentiate between the two.

The gold plating in jewellery is quite an easy process but needs to undergo different steps. At Sterling Electro Plating, our experts clean up the piece of jewellery and get rid of all minds of pollutants. This is necessary as the accumulation of dirt and oil on the base metal would keep the gold layer from bonding in a proper manner. We make use of different methods including steam cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and electro cleaning to get the best possible results. The thickness of gold plating can range somewhere between .17 to 2.5 microns.