Bright Copper

Electroplating of copper is the most common process that gets undertaken other than nickel plating. The main reason behind its popularity is that copper strike or copper plating offers a high-quality undercoat for deposits of metal plating which take place subsequently.

Copper plating acts a good metal to cover the defects which occur in substrates like pit holes, splinters along with other defects which occur out of zinc or lead die-casting, burnishing copper which ultimately improves its ability to become a very good substrate. It is usually plated as an individual metal finish.

When we talk of bright copper plating, it provides a completely corrosion-resistant surface for different applications which include the likes of zinc-die as well as coating steel wire castings. It is quite frequently used in the electronics industry to make non-conductors extremely conducive and also on the printed circuit boards and other electronic devices. At Sterling Electro Plating, bright copper is used as an undercoating before the application of all other metals. Our professionals make use of terrific ductile copper that provides tremendous levelling to any kind of practical thickness.