Dull Copper

Sterling Electro Plating also offers dull copper electroplating service. It can be employed for undertaking long periods of electroplating service to ensure that there is a high built-up of copper on the surface. This is ideally suited to cover up imperfections lying in the components' surfaces.

Our trained professionals can take care of all these imperfections, and then go ahead to polish and get a bright finish through the implementation of highly skilled polishing techniques. As we all know, dull copper offers a reasonably ductile matt finish and is mainly used as an undercoating for other metals.

Dull Copper plating services are mainly used in the industrial sector where most of the wires are made of copper due to it being an excellent conductor of electricity. Moreover, it is quite a resourceful metal product which can easily withstand varied environments where other metal products would not offer the requisite characteristics for the desired result. As copper is quite a soft malleable metal, it becomes a very good choice for electroplating with all other flexible metal objects. If anyone even bends any object, dull copper will not get separated from other metals.