Florentine Bronze

Florentine Bronze has a dark brown colour with orange highlights carrying prominent brush marks in the surface. It offers an antique finish which one can apply to any kind of metal including the likes of brass, aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel.

It is an oxidised version of copper and there are loads of colour possibilities apart from brown colour like different shades of blue, which allow the brand new items to look antique, worn out and used. Items will always look unique as the oxidisation process creates the finish.

The most common usage of Florentine Bronze happens to be on door hardware, light fittings, kitchen and bathroom hardware, tapware, cafe and bar fit-outs as well as on hoardings and signs. You can take care of the gloss of Florentine Bronze by cleaning up the items with a soft cloth. One must never use abrasive cleaners. Moreover, this particular finish would develop a Verdigris look when the environment is damp and moist. The durability of Florentine Bronze is also on the lower side, hence it is important to take good care of its polish.