Bring your jewellery and antiques to life a professional restoration plating from Sterling Electro Plating. Our qualified and experienced craftspeople take care to ensure each item is plated to the highest standards.

We provide high quality metal plating for antiques and jewellery, along with finishes for plating a vast range of industrial and electrical components.

Our electroplating finishes include:

  • Silver
  • 23.5-Carat Hard Gold
  • 23.5-Carat Soft Gold
  • Bright Copper
  • Dull Copper
  • Florentine Bronze
  • Bright Nickel
  • Nickel Sulphamate
  • Tin

In addition to our plating services, Sterling Electro Plating also provides Professional Polishing and Repairs, and no job is too big or too small.

We invite you to drop your items into our Maddington workshop, or contact us to arrange pick-up and delivery from anywhere in Australia.
Plating Services

Electroplating involves the movement of metal ions via an electrical current. It is the most efficient plating method for coating jewellery, antiques, industrial parts and electrical components. At Sterling Electro Plating you can choose from a range of plating finishes.

If you’re unsure about which plating finish to use, simply ask our friendly staff.

Pure Silver (99.9%) is used for a variety of applications – from coating items used in the electrical industry through to bridal tiaras. Silver plating yields a micro bright soft white deposit to any practical thickness.

At Sterling Electro Plating we say ‘don’t wait for special occasions to use your silverware’. The more it is used and hand washed, the less polishing is required.

It’s also important to note that if an anti-tarnish is not applied, silver will tarnish over time.

23.5-Carat Hard Gold
This plating is designed for jewellery with a high tolerance wear factor, and offers a bright rich colour of 24-Carat Gold with additives that make it extremely hard wearing.

Costume jewellery gold that rubs away quickly is definitely not hard gold.

Bright Copper
Bright Copper is mainly used as an undercoat before other metals are applied. It is also used to plate non-metallic items such as baby shoes.

Sterling Electro Plating uses brilliant ductile copper, which offers excellent levelling to any practical thickness.

Dull Copper
This provides a reasonably ductile matt finish, and is mostly used as an undercoat for other metals.

Dull Copper is especially popular in the industrial sector where appearance is not the main concern.

Florentine Bronze
Florentine Bronze is essentially oxidised copper. It provides thousands of colour possibilities, from various shades of blue to chocolate browns, and makes new items look worn, used or ‘antique-like’.

As this finish is created through the process of oxidisation, no two items can ever look exactly the same. To keep it simple, Sterling Electro Plating generally offers Florentine Bronze as simply a dark or light finish.

Bright Nickel
Nickel is always used under chrome finishes, and sometimes under silver finishes. In fact, if your silver does not appear as bright as it used to, there’s a good chance that you are polishing nickel.

Bright Nickel levels imperfections and is very hard and bright. It is the metal that gives the mirror-like characteristics to chrome. However, it dulls over time if no other metals are electroplated over the top.

Tin Plating is widely used in the electronics industry because of its ability to protect base metals from oxidisation, its soldering ability, and its low cost in comparison to silver.

Tin is also used in the food processing industry as it is non-toxic, highly ductile and corrosion resistant.

Polishing Service

Has your jewellery lost its shine?  Have your antiques seen better days?

Did you know that items can may restored to their former glory simply by polishing? This applies to jewellery, antiques, brass stands, bed posts, copper canisters, and more.

Sterling Electro Plating offers a professional polishing service. We’ll have your items polished and looking like new in no time. We also apply lacquer (anti-tarnish).

Bring your items into our Maddington workshop. Our professional staff can assess your jewellery and antiques and determine whether they require electro-plating or simply a good polish.


Our craftspeople are qualified in all aspects of silverware restoration and repairs. We expertly repair silver items and restore their lustre.

Sterling Electro Plating has extensive experience in the repair, pinning and soldering of a wide range of items, including broken coffee and tea pot legs, handles, spouts, hinges, lids, knobs, candelabra arms, bases, and more.

All repairs are undertaken by our qualified craftspeople who give valuable items the care and attention they deserve.

We invite you to bring your items into our Maddington workshop, or contact us for more information.


Want to know what your jewellery or antique items are worth? Do you need a professional, independent valuation for insurance, superannuation or family dispersal purposes?

Valuations generally involve the examination and assessment of your item to determine its quality and value in the current market. Sterling Electro Plating can arrange for a written valuation of your goods by an independent experienced valuer.

Contact us to find out more.