About us | Know more about Sterling Electro Plate in Perth, Western Australia


Welcome To Sterling Electro Plating

Sterling Electro Plating is a Western Australian owned and operated company, and Australia’s trusted name in Gold, Silver jewellery, antique restorations and industrial plating.

Located south of Perth in the industrial sector of Maddington, we provide a range of professional services including electroplating, polishing, repairs, and valuations. We provide quick turnarounds for industrial customers.

Why Choose Us?

Have your antiques or jewellery seen better days?

Do your industrial or electrical components require refurbishment?

Our office is located at Unit 6 / 8 Carole Rd, Maddington  W.A.  You are welcome anytime between 9am and 4pm week days except Wednesdays when we close at 2pm.  There is no need to book an appointment as someone is always available to discuss your needs and most times a quote can be written up while you wait.  With over 20 years of experience, our qualified and dedicated Craftsmen take pride in restoring your treasures to their former glory.


What do we do?

Our services include:

Electroplating finishes : Gold (23.5 Karat), Silver (.999), Copper, Nickel, Tin.

We are also able to provide an Antique Copper and Silver finish on items.

Polishing of Silverware, Brass and Copper.  We utilisie different types of lacquer to coat items once plated or polished, depending on the environment in which they are kept.

Plating of non-metallic items such as Baby shoes.

Minor repairs.