Benefits of Electroplating Process - Silver Plating
Post by Sterling Electro | Sep-16-2020

Benefits of Electroplating Process

Electroplating refers to an extremely popular process dealing with a metal finish and improvement used in a variety of industries for different applications. Despite this being a popular process, still very few people outside this industry are aware of how the process is carried out and the way it works. So, before discussing the benefits linked with electroplating process, let us talk about the process in brief.

Electroplating is the process of depositing material by using an electric current. This process leads to a very thin layer of metal getting deposited onto the surface of a workpiece known as the substrate. Electroplating is mainly used to change an object’s physical properties. It is also used to offer a greater level of wear resistance, protection from the problem of corrosion along with an increased level of thickness.

Let us briefly discuss the benefits of electroplating:

Electrical Conductivity:

Whether it is silver plating or copper plating, both help improve electrical conductivity in different parts, which offer an extremely cost-effective and efficient solution for improving the level of conductivity in electrical as well as electronics components.

Offers Resistance For Heat:

There are several metals including zinc-nickel and gold which are quite resistant to high temperatures. Thus, they improve the substrate’s ability to resist damage caused by heat. This, in turn, improves the lifespan of plated parts.

Brings Improvement In Hardness:

The process of electroplating is very often used to improve the strength as well as the durability of substrate materials, hence making them less susceptible to damage from rough use. This quality can result in increasing the lifespan of plated parts which in turn reduce the need for replacement.

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