Bright Nickel

Bright nickel plating service happens to be one of the three forms of nickel plating which is otherwise known as bright nickel electroplating. It is mainly used on all the decorative and engineering applications. It has a high content of sulphur.

At Sterling Electro Plating, bright nickel plating is applied on different kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to get a clean and bright finish including the likes of copper, steel, iron and brass. Bright nickel plating is used as a base to increase the brightness of all other electroplating coatings.

Sterling Electroplating uses bright nickel plating mainly under chrome finishes and occasionally under silver finishes. Now, if one’s silver does not seem to be as bright as it used to be, there is a very good chance that the nickel is getting polished from time to time. Bright Nickel helps to level all kinds of imperfections and it is extremely hard and bright. It is a kind of metal which acts as a mirror to Chrome and this Bright Nickel becomes dull over time if no electroplating of metal is done at the top.

Florentine Bronze

Florentine Bronze has a dark brown colour with orange highlights carrying prominent brush marks in the surface. It offers an antique finish which one can apply to any kind of metal including the likes of brass, aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel.

It is an oxidised version of copper and there are loads of colour possibilities apart from brown colour like different shades of blue, which allow the brand new items to look antique, worn out and used. Items will always look unique as the oxidisation process creates the finish.

The most common usage of Florentine Bronze happens to be on door hardware, light fittings, kitchen and bathroom hardware, tapware, cafe and bar fit-outs as well as on hoardings and signs. You can take care of the gloss of Florentine Bronze by cleaning up the items with a soft cloth. One must never use abrasive cleaners. Moreover, this particular finish would develop a Verdigris look when the environment is damp and moist. The durability of Florentine Bronze is also on the lower side, hence it is important to take good care of its polish.

Dull Copper

Sterling Electro Plating also offers dull copper electroplating service. It can be employed for undertaking long periods of electroplating service to ensure that there is a high built-up of copper on the surface. This is ideally suited to cover up imperfections lying in the components’ surfaces.

Our trained professionals can take care of all these imperfections, and then go ahead to polish and get a bright finish through the implementation of highly skilled polishing techniques. As we all know, dull copper offers a reasonably ductile matt finish and is mainly used as an undercoating for other metals.

Dull Copper plating services are mainly used in the industrial sector where most of the wires are made of copper due to it being an excellent conductor of electricity. Moreover, it is quite a resourceful metal product which can easily withstand varied environments where other metal products would not offer the requisite characteristics for the desired result. As copper is quite a soft malleable metal, it becomes a very good choice for electroplating with all other flexible metal objects. If anyone even bends any object, dull copper will not get separated from other metals.

Bright Copper

Electroplating of copper is the most common process that gets undertaken other than nickel plating. The main reason behind its popularity is that copper strike or copper plating offers a high-quality undercoat for deposits of metal plating which take place subsequently.

Copper plating acts a good metal to cover the defects which occur in substrates like pit holes, splinters along with other defects which occur out of zinc or lead die-casting, burnishing copper which ultimately improves its ability to become a very good substrate. It is usually plated as an individual metal finish.

When we talk of bright copper plating, it provides a completely corrosion-resistant surface for different applications which include the likes of zinc-die as well as coating steel wire castings. It is quite frequently used in the electronics industry to make non-conductors extremely conducive and also on the printed circuit boards and other electronic devices. At Sterling Electro Plating, bright copper is used as an undercoating before the application of all other metals. Our professionals make use of terrific ductile copper that provides tremendous levelling to any kind of practical thickness.

23.5-Carat Hard Gold

Hard gold plating refers to a gold electrodeposit which gets alloyed with another element to alter the gold’s grain structure for achieving a harder deposit with a much more refined grain structure. This plating is primarily designed for jewellery having high tolerance wear factor.

It comes up with the offering of the bright rich colour of 24-Carat Gold with certain additives which make the jewellery extremely hard to wear. This is commonly used for costume jewellery or to mimic much more expensive jewellery pieces and it becomes difficult to differentiate between the two.

The gold plating in jewellery is quite an easy process but needs to undergo different steps. At Sterling Electro Plating, our experts clean up the piece of jewellery and get rid of all minds of pollutants. This is necessary as the accumulation of dirt and oil on the base metal would keep the gold layer from bonding in a proper manner. We make use of different methods including steam cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and electro cleaning to get the best possible results. The thickness of gold plating can range somewhere between .17 to 2.5 microns.


Silver plating is an electrolytic process. One can make use of its properties either for functional purposes including increased electronic performance or for certain decorative purposes. Silver is applied on to the preliminary coatings of nickel and copper though there might be certain variations.

The silverware used in households on antique items are sometimes known as EPNS or Electro-Plated Nickel, Silver. Any EPNS item that stays in good condition would be quite difficult to differentiate from any solid or sterling silver item because the surface always seems to be actual silver.

Professionals who offer quality silver plating service of different items, including the antique ones helps individuals to get the right kind of look, feel and performance of silver metal without spending much. There is a white hue in silver plating and for achieving a bright finish, it gets applied over a layer of gorgeous nickel plating. Frequent polishing is needed to maintain the silver’s brightness. In its purest form, surface silver can achieve purity of close to 99.99% which can help manufacturers to maximise the quality of signal transmission.