Bright Nickel

Bright nickel plating service happens to be one of the three forms of nickel plating which is otherwise known as bright nickel electroplating. It is mainly used on all the decorative and engineering applications. It has a high content of sulphur.

At Sterling Electro Plating, bright nickel plating is applied on different kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to get a clean and bright finish including the likes of copper, steel, iron and brass. Bright nickel plating is used as a base to increase the brightness of all other electroplating coatings.

Sterling Electroplating uses bright nickel plating mainly under chrome finishes and occasionally under silver finishes. Now, if one’s silver does not seem to be as bright as it used to be, there is a very good chance that the nickel is getting polished from time to time. Bright Nickel helps to level all kinds of imperfections and it is extremely hard and bright. It is a kind of metal which acts as a mirror to Chrome and this Bright Nickel becomes dull over time if no electroplating of metal is done at the top.