Tin Plate

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Why Tin Plate?

Tin plate (tinning) is primarily used for functional rather than decorative purposes. Commonly tin is electroplated over copper for use in the electronics industry.

Tin plating adds tin qualities which are perfect for protecting base metals from oxidisation. Plating with tin presents ease of solderability and highly ductile attributes.

The low cost of tin combined with these properties makes it attractive for the manufacture of low-tech electronic components such as connectors or bus bars.

Tin plating Perth

Appearance Following Tin Plating

Tin plating is usually applied without the layer of bright nickel that is often used in decorative items, resulting in a dull or matt appearance.

Tin can be plated over most substrates, given its low cost it is usually coated over low value substrates such as mild steel or copper alloys.

Tin Properties

For most, the use of tin is immediately associated with food tins. It’s use in the food industry is specifically attributed to its non-toxic, highly ductile and corrosion resistance properties. In the modern era teflon plating has mostly replaced tin plating.

Tin gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon language. The symbol “Sn” comes from the Latin word for tin, “stannum.” Whilst we take the availability of tin for granted it is estimated that the mineable resource of tin will be depleted in 20 to 40 years.