Which is the Best Way to Restore Silverware?

Has your antique silverware lost its lustre? Have your precious pieces been left to tarnish and corrode? The best way to restore silverware is to silver plate, returning your silverware to its original shine, smoothing over mild corrosion and pitting and preventing ongoing corrosion.  See our before and after showcase.

Silver plating not only improves the finish; it can also improve the value.  If you are keen to investigate further then check out Price Guide.

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Silver Plate versus Professional Polish

Whether you decide to go for the premium silver plate option or for a cheaper professional polish depends on a number of factors. Variables include the cost of the service, how much you treasure the item, the items value, how long you want the shine to last and the finish you desire.

Silver plating your silverware will add a new layer of silver to your antique recovering mild corrosive surfaces to a smooth finish. We advise that a lacquer is also added (anti tarnish) to increase time before tarnish appears. How long depends on the environment and conditions in which the antique is being kept.

A polish and lacquer service is cheaper than plating. However, polishing simply professionally buffs up the existing metals. The lacquer will increase the longevity of the shine before tarnish appears, but given the lower concentration of silver it is a shorter-term solution. Polishing does not cover over corrosion. However, polishing might be the right choice for low-value items.


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