Sterling Electro Plating

Operating for more than 20 years

Sterling Electro Plating has been in business for more than 21 years, originally created to meet the specific needs of the electrical switchboard industry. As a Western Australian owned and operated company, Sterling Electro Plating has a trusted name in jewellery, antique restorations and industrial refurbishment.

Located south of Perth in the industrial area of Maddington, we provide a range of professional services including electroplating, polishing and repairs. We provide quick turnarounds for industrial and electrical apparatus and have the capability of working to exacting standards where thickness is specified in microns.

Sterling Electro Plating premises in Maddington, Perth

Our clients span right across Australia and include sporting clubs, hotels, restaurants, antique dealers, jewellers, homeowners, electrical and electronic manufacturers.

Our fully qualified craftspeople are highly skilled in the art of jewellery and antique restoration and are dedicated to preserving the original integrity and beauty of silver and gold for future generations.

Quality Assurance

Sterling Electro Plating is proud to have been accredited by Bureau Veritas Australia for many years –  a quality assurance system complying with AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008. This is an internationally recognised quality management system.

Improvements made through Bureau Veritas Australia included: reduced waste, more efficient methods, personnel skills, safety and customer involvement. 


Sterling Electro Plating is renowned for its quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship. With proper care and cleaning, all jewellery and antique items that are plated by us should last for a minimum of 25 years. 

All plating carried out by Sterling Electro Plating Pty Ltd (or its sub-contractors) is guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials for a period of two years from the date of completion. During the warranty period, Sterling Electro Plating agrees to repair any defects that appear under proper use.


Sterling Electro Plating is committed to preserving the environment.

To this end, we treat our own waste water from our cleaning process by evaporating the liquid and compressing the solids to remove moisture.

The result is a dry ‘cake’, which is not harmful to the environment and exceeds Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) requirements for the safe disposal of our waste products. Any chemicals not treated on site are collected by an independently recognised waste management company with controlled waste tracking.