Copper Plate

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Why Copper Plate?

Copper has a number of properties which make copper plating attractive in industry.

Firstly, its ease of adhesion to substrates and subsequent coatings makes it ideal to be used as a base coating for other metal depositions. Copper is highly flexible and does not get separated from other metals when bent.

Also, among pure metals at room temperature, copper has the second-highest electrical and thermal conductivity after silver.

Sterling Electro Plating uses brilliant bright copper and a ductile dull copper, which offers excellent levelling to any practical thickness.


Copper plated industrial components

Copper Electroplating Provides a Choice of Finish

Bright Copper Metal Finish

Bright Copper is mainly used as an undercoat before other metals are applied. It is also used to plate non-metallic items such as baby shoes.

Florentine Bronze

Florentine Bronze is essentially oxidised copper. It provides thousands of colour possibilities, from various shades of blue to chocolate browns and makes new items look worn, used or ‘antique-like’.
As this finish is created through the process of oxidisation, no two items can ever look exactly the same. To keep it simple, Sterling Electro Plating generally offers Florentine Bronze as simply a dark or light finish.

Dull Copper Metal Finish

Dull copper has a reasonably ductile matt finish, and is mostly used as an undercoat for other metals. Dull Copper is especially popular in the industrial sector where appearance is not the main concern.

Copper Plating in Industry and Domestic uses

Copper’s unique spectrum of properties makes it a preferred choice for industrial electroplating. Primarily for printed circuit boards, printing rollers (easily engraved), repair (high build up), electroforming and other electrical applications.

Domestic decorative copper pieces will need regular maintenance as copper slowly darkens as it oxidises. Anti-tarnish lacquer will help to protect and prevent the need for regular cleaning.

Sterling Electro Plating offers a polish and lacquer service for both copper and brass.