Industry Benefits

Benefits of Industrial Electroplating

Electroplating produces many benefits for industry. If you think your industry might benefit from electroplating contact us today.

Conducts Electricity

Plating a substrate in silver / tin or copper increases conductivity. This maximises cost effectiveness and efficiency for the manufacture of electronics and manufacturing components.

Reduces Friction

Plating electrical materials such as electrical conductors with nickel can reduce the build-up of friction. Reduced friction improves the longevity of components increasing their long-term performance.

Forms a Protective Layer

Electroplating provides a barrier over the substrate, protecting it from the elements resulting in reduced corrosion. Parts last longer and are able to withstand harsh conditions.

Resists Heat

Plating with gold or nickel enables components to withstand extremely high temperatures. This requirement is suitable for engine components, protecting them from damage and prolonging lifespan.

Promotes Adhesion

Copper plating is often used as an undercoating, as it provides ideal adhesion for subsequent coatings. This delivers a smooth and uniform surface finish.

Increases Hardness

Electroplating can restore brittle items to strength, making them more durable and less susceptible to damage.