Polish and Lacquer

The experts in metal polish & lacquer in Perth

Professional Polish and Lacquer

Bring your antiques back to life and shine up your jewellery with a professional polish and lacquer.

This cheaper option is available for silver, gold, nickel, copper and brass. A professional brass or copper polish brings out the shine and the lacquer will stall tarnishing.

If you’re after a longer lasting finish, that covers corrosion and really delivers an outstanding shine, then plating is your best option. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer plating for brass items.

Brass Polish

Sterling Electro Plating does not plate with brass, but does offer a professional brass polish and lacquer.

We can polish most brass items whether it be beautiful brass antiques, statues or ornaments, brass hardware such as door handles and knobs or items such as candlesticks, lamps or statues.

Check out our Price Guide, or for a more detailed quote visit us or fill in our Contact Form.

If you’re keen to give brass polishing a go yourself then visit our page on how to clean brass.

Antique Repairs

Besides restoring lustre and shine, our crafts people are fully qualified in all aspects of silverware restoration and repairs.

Sterling Electro Plating has extensive experience in the repair, pinning and soldering of a wide range of items, including broken coffee and tea pot legs, handles, spouts, hinges, lids, knobs, candelabra arms, bases, and more. We can give the time and attention these treasured items deserve.

If you would like to know if it is possible to repair your treasured item, then fill out our Contact Form and we will let you know if it’s possible and an approximate price. Alternatively, and for a better quote visit us in our Maddington workshop.