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There are instances when you twist a favourite ring around your finger and then come across a gleam coming out of the corner of your eye. Nowadays, worn-out plated jewellery has become quite a common concern among all those who love to wear pieces of jewellery. Thankfully, one can fix this problem quite easily.

Plated jewellery is that kind of jewellery, primarily made from a very cheap base metal which remains coated with one layer of precious metal or alloy. It is far more affordable for most people to get hold of plated jewellery rather than the solid pieces. Hence, a lot of jewellery available on the market in Perth would possess some kind of plating to achieve just the right kind of look just like rose gold.

Due to the wear out of plating, the base metal tends to be visible. Now, to fix this problem, jewellers use the electroplating process which helps in the restoration of the item’s original colour. This is a process which makes use of an electric current to dissolve a particular metal and deposit it into a surface.

Now, let briefly see how the polishing is done for gold-plated jewellery which in turn help to get its original look back:

Wipe Your Jewellery After Every Wear:

If you are not approaching a professional to let your gold-plated jewellery get back its original look, then make sure to wipe it down after each time you wear. You can either use a cotton ball made of lint-free cloth that helps remove excess oil which it collects from using it every day.

Use A Jewellery Cloth To Restore Its Shine:

There could be a scenario when the gold-plated jewellery might begin to look dull. Under those circumstances, you can simply rub the surface with a soft jewellery cloth to restore its shine.

Clean It Up With A Water-Soap Solution:

It is quite possible that a plain wipe down or polish may not get rid of the dirt which has accumulated in your jewellery. Then, it is important to undertake a thorough clean-up process. You can do this by making a solution of soap and lukewarm water. You would surely get a fascinating result out of this process.

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